Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Pickups

I chose Mighty Mite p90's for the baritone:

I'll admit it, the reason I went w/ p90s is because I like the way they look as much as anything. I think the nice cream color will go well w/ the dark stain I am planning on putting on the mahogany. And, yeah, I really do like the way they sound. Some people say they sound halfway between humbuckers and sigle-coils but, frankly, I just think that's on account of how they look. To me, they sound most definitely like single-coils, albeit a though a bit fatter and warmer than standard strat and tele pickus. My hope is that they will keep definition well in the lower baritone tunings. They seem to be notorious for noisiness so I'm going to have to take special care shielding my guitar. I decided on Mighty Mite because they were some of the cheapest available and they have a good reputation. Frankly, I just didn't want to pay for high-end pickups in the event that the guitar doesn't work out. However, I think if this does end up being as nice as I hope, I will reward myself by buying a nice set of Fralins to put in there.

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