Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Four Holes in the Neck

Drilling the holes for the neck was surprisingly easy. I'll walk you through it but I won't hold your hand.

I put some double stick tape on a thick piece of paper and stuck it to the base of the neck. I cut it to the shape of the neck heel and punch holes in it where the screws go w/ a ballpoint pen:

Then I stuck it in the neck pocket and used that same pen to mark where the holes needed to be drilled:

It looks really sloppy because of all the scribbles but those were just to help me find where the holes were. It's actually square. I double checked before I drilled the holes w/ my drill press, which I've been keeping in the kitchen for maximum humorous effect:

Ha! Funniest drill press you've ever seen, I bet. It didn't come out half bad:

Not half bad at all:

The neck pocket isn't perfect though so I'm going to have either re-level the pocket or add some shims, neither of which will be too hard:

See? There's some space in there, which sucks. Big time. Feels sturdy but I'm not gonna risk leaving it like that.

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