Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Change in Scope - Luthiery, Gear Reviews and More

Between my numerous hobbies, my band Sun Splitter and my desire to remain absolutely motionless seventeen hours a day, I am not spending as much time on my guitar projects as I would like and am thusly running out of stuff to write about here. However, I do like to keep my wonderful readers engaged in and informed of the latest goings on at the Logical Compound so I have no choice but to broaden the scope of this internet. Basically, I am just gonna post whatever I want and you're going to have to read it because you have a Logical monkey on your back and you just can't help but to return time and time again. I am gonna keep it gear and project related though so you will still get your fix of pure sonical Logic. I have a recording rig set up finally--which I will explain in a later post--so I'm going to hopefully compliment the tales of my haphazard adventures w/ dangerous power tools and guitar shaped objects w/ general gear reviews and sound samples.